Fall Cleanup 12 September 2023

Fall Cleanup

Sept 29-Oct 2

Keeping of Chickens 3 May 2023

Keeping of Chickens

Ord 1348 effective 5/5/2023

Water/Sewer Rate Increase 10 January 2023

Water/Sewer Rate Increase

Ord 1347

4 October 2022

Pet License Fee Increase

Ord 1344

(a)   For each male or spayed female dog, Five Dollars ($5.00)

(b)   For each un-spayed female dog, Ten Dollars ($10.00)

(c)   For each cat, Two Dollars ($2.00)

Online Payment Rate Increase 15 September 2022

Online Payment Rate Increase

effective 10/1/2022

2023 Budget Summary 14 September 2022

2023 Budget Summary

6 April 2020

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